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unsecured loans

, the National Credit Act is a good and thorough piece of legislation. However, there is one glaring flaw: the interest rate cap on unsecured loans of 43%/year.
"According to the National Credit Re ulator, 38% of all microfinance advances are for study unsecured loans fees and funerals" (Financial Mail)
Divorcees suffer the UK's highest debt burden, a study showed unsecured loans Monday.
Divorcees suffer highest debt unsecured loans burden (Reuters unsecured loans via Yahoo! News)
Bankrupt Pittsburgh Brewing filed its long-awaited unsecured loans reorganization plan yesterday, saying it intends to unsecured loans modernize the 145-year-old Lawrenceville brewery with $7 million unsecured loans from investors unsecured loans and lenders.
Brewer's plan may give some unsecured loans creditors a hangover (Pittsburgh unsecured loans Post-Gazette)
ZURICH: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mohamed Yunus?s efforts to haul street vendors, cobblers and unsecured loans small unsecured loans farmers unsecured loans out of poverty in his native Bangladesh with tiny unsecured loans loans have sown unsecured loans the seeds of a global multi-billion dollar industry.
Nobel Prize winner unsecured loans Yunus?s brainchild is unsecured loans global industry (Gulf Times)
Many unsecured loans Americans unsecured loans find unsecured loans themselves under the stress of mounting debt. Find out what you can do to help dig unsecured loans yourself out.
MONEY: Dealing With That Four-Letter Word: DEBT ( Central Florida)
Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) unsecured loans -- Countrywide unsecured loans Financial unsecured loans Corp., the largest U.S. unsecured loans mortgage lender, is getting buffeted by bondholders as it prepares to sell as much as $4.5 billion of new debt unsecured loans in a slumping unsecured loans housing market.
Countrywide's Borrowing Costs Rise as U.S. Home Slump unsecured loans Worsens (
LONDON (Reuters) unsecured loans - Divorcees suffer the UK's highest debt burden, a study shows.
Divorcees suffer highest debt burden unsecured loans (
Tanzania's wretched of the earth felt the caprice unsecured loans of the unsecured loans insensitive corporate world last week, unsecured loans when hundreds unsecured loans of hawkers unsecured loans and kiosks owners were cleared from Dar-es-Salaam.
Tanzania: Painful Eviction From the Streets of Dar unsecured loans (
Here's a scary thought: unsecured loans As of unsecured loans August 2006, American consumers owe more unsecured loans than $2.35 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. The unsecured loans growing debt that plagues unsecured loans Americans can be attributed unsecured loans to unsecured loans overspending, abusing credit cards and trying to live lifestyles unsecured loans outside their means.
Dealing With That Four-Letter unsecured loans Word: DEBT (Fox unsecured loans 12 Oregon)
American consumers owe more than $2.35 trillion, according to unsecured loans the Federal unsecured loans Reserve. How do you get around unsecured loans it?
MONEY: Debt: A Four Letter-Word That unsecured loans Can Be Attacked (Local 10 Miami)

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